Sunday, June 26, 2011

Telling You Goodbye

Took some random shots as always.

whenever i'm not in the mood, i spray a bit of this fragrance and i have no idea why but it always boosts me up. it smells really nice, perhaps that's why.

just bought 2 new rings from an online shop, yay.
i'm crossing my fingers on those sold at Forever 21. they better have cute ones this time.

i baked this with mom few days ago and it tastes so heavenly. i can't help myself to stop eating them, sorry tummy.

found this in my wardrobe earlier today. it's been a year since my friend bought it in Australia as a gift for his best friends. cute, huh? :D


so anyway, you know how i have always been Team Blair and never really noticed Serena. but recently, i've been stumbling upon her stunning pictures on Tumblr and is simply amazed...

see how perfect she is with Nate Archibald!!

if i were to choose between she and Leighton, i wouldn't. i love both of them to the core.

she is a Chanel brand ambassador,

beloved by Karl Lagerfeld + Anna Wintour,

has incredibly beautiful long legs, perfect body,

and is dating Leonardo DiCaprio!!

how more perfect can her life be? she's like everywhere right now. fanned!
Team Serena / Team Blair, people? ;)

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