Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Happy Ending

i feel like lying on that someone special's shoulder, with his arms embraced around my neck, our hands holding tight and sitting down together talking about our days or anything.
i miss you.


anyway, i need to blog about my personal days lately. my camera sucks to the core that everytime i feel like blogging but then seeing the blurry, bad-quality pictures immediately stopped me. i do feel bad for my pink Sony W230 and i truly need to get the lens fixed asap all by myself, for the sake of my vacation pictures next week.

pictures from last monday :
went out with the girls since Ingrid and Mayli were coming back from Singapore. :)

before going home, Cristine and i were pretty bored waiting for my mom so we decided to go for another photobox session. i love it when both of us go really crazy.

Another good thing of the week :
Had my junior-high class (IX-02) reunion at Lembur Kuring on wednesday and headed to Sun afterwards with the gang.

(L-R) Viera, Jesslyn, Cristine, Me, Livia.

presenting you, THE BACKSIDE CREWS!! ♡
they're my bests and i love them to bits. will do a post specially dedicated to them someday :)

all of us had lots of fun, indeed.

with Viera on the picture above and Livia on the picture below.

i received a letter from Jessica that day. a birthday letter, to be precise.
when i got home, i went all gloomy because it was the 'last' day my gang could hang out altogether completely, since some of them will be going back to Singapore soon. gotta wait till December, i truly hate farewell to the core. i wish we were all still in the same class, same school, same country. so i cried a few times that night and when i opened this letter, i cried even harder. they're like one of the reasons i smile and laugh today. :)

thanks Jcong, for being such a dear friend to me ♡

skip the rest of the week and SUNDAY!
had a great Father's Day lunch with the whole family at Duck King, and some kids time afterwards.

with Utari

so yessss, it was my 16th Chinese Birthday as well. special thanks goes to some people for the greetings! :)

i have no idea why mom bought me the cake with a '15' candle while it was my chinese birthday and she has always been putting priority on chinese age over the real age. oh well.

i don't feel like uploading the other pictures because all of them turn out to be so blurry. sigh.
so i guess that is all. be back in a few days. have a wonderful week! X

"People take different roads seeking fulfillment and happiness. Just because they're not on your road doesn't mean they've gotten lost."